Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are gearing up for their UK return this year as well as the awkward reunions that will come with it.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s reunion with Kate Middleton and Prince William will be quite tense to say the least as the two couples have been at odds ever since Megxit happened.

The reunion is set to happen at Queen’s birthday parade this year on June 12 and royal fans have been anticipating to see whether or not Sussex’s presence makes things awkward for the family or not.

A senior royal aide revealed details about the parade, per Express: “The current plan is for the Queen’s birthday parade to go ahead in London as normal, with the acceptance that it may need to be adapted or scaled back depending on what guidelines are in force at the time. But the aspiration and the ultimate desire is to make it happen.”

Apart from this, earlier royal expert Katie Nicholl had also said that Meghan and Harry will be expected to mark three major events in the UK this year.

“The much-awaited statue tribute to Princess Diana will be unveiled in Kensington Palace Gardens on what would have been her 60th birthday,” she had said.

“And it is Harry’s intention and Meghan’s also, to be here in the UK for that opening. It may possibly be the first time we see the brothers together, but I think that we will probably see them together in the spring around the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s birthday celebrations. COVID travel plans permitting,” she added.