Rapper Noname Opens New Library Focused On the Black Experience

Chicago rapper Noname officially opened the Radical Hood Library in Los Angeles with the intention of giving people of color a free repository of cultural and political literature.

“This is a black-led organization that was created to service Black/Brown folks and the RSVP prioritization will reflect that,” according to a Twitter invitation announcing the grand opening.

We are so excited to finally open our Radical Hood Library! This is a black led organization that was created to service black/brown folks and the RSVP prioritization will reflect that 

Born Fatimah Nyeema Warner, Noname, who grew up in Chicago’s Bronzeville community, but moved to Los Angeles earlier in her career, tweeted that she was inspired by her mother, who sold books centered on Black people.

‘My mom opened up a bookstore to provide black folks with books that centered us. She sold them because she needed bread like we all do under capitalism. I can’t believe I’m able to do the same thing but offer the resources for free  political education and ancestors got me lit.’

An Instagram post explained how the library would benefit prisoners.

“We use our profits to send about 1,000 books a month to our incarcerated members who have begun to organize Noname book chapters in various prisons,” the note states. “We also provide free books/classes to our local community.”

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