Donald Trump has been busted repeating the false claim that he was one of Oprah Winfrey’s final and “most important” guests.
The president yet again made the false claim that he was one of the broadcaster’s final five guests in an interview with sports journalist Jason Whitlock.

Mr Trump has reportedly been saying this since 2013 despite last appearing on Ms Winfrey’s show three months before it wrapped in 2011.
Mr Whitlock had asked the president about his relationship with Black celebrities.

“I had a lot of good relationships. Even Oprah. Her last couple of shows. You know, it was a big deal, who was gonna be her last week; I guess her last week. I was on her show for the last week.
“In other words, the entire show was devoted to I think five different people. I was one of the five. Oprah liked me. And maybe still does, I don’t know. But Oprah is great.”

Mr Trump’s final appearance with Oprah was on 7 February 2011 and she ended her show on 25 May 2011, according to entertainment industry magazine Variety.
Observers say it is at least the fourth time during his presidency that Mr Trump has made the claim.

At a 2018 rally in Georgia, days after Ms Winfrey had campaigned in the state for Stacey Abrams during her unsuccessful run for governor, Mr Trump claimed the TV star was now trying “to burn the tape” of him being one of her final guests.
“Oprah, when she ended her show, had the five most important people. I assume. Her last week,” said Mr Trump.

“Remember her last week. Well I was on her full show in the last week. I think they are trying the burn the tape.”
Ms Winfrey’s final week of shows included a tribute to her with appearances by Will Smith, Michael Jordan, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Beyonce and Jerry Seinfeld.

For her final episode Ms Winfrey appeared on the show alone.