Uganda’s parliament has held a special sitting to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who died in Scotland.

Uganda’s parliament has held a special sitting to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. The motion was moved by the prime minister and went on for two hours.

The Queen first visited Uganda in 1954 and then in 2007 for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting – her last official visit to Africa.

The MPs, who were each given two minutes to speak, said that Her Majesty had presided over the Commonwealth with distinction and played an important and unifying role.

Female lawmakers’ Tribute”

“She was a distinguished leader. A leader who has shown commitment, who has united the commonwealth”, said Beatrice Anywar MP.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja said, “Her visits contributed immensely to Uganda’s development and global standing, which was exemplified by the ability to host international conferences and ultimately encouraged direct investment in tourism”.

Another MP, Jonathan Ebwalu, said she died “too young, at only 96, at the time when the world needed her most”.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park in western Uganda was named after her to commemorate her 1954 visit. Several roads and roundabouts in the capital Kampala are also named after members of the UK royal family.

Even though the opposition supported the motion and appreciated Her Majesty’s long leadership, they spoke strongly against leaders of republics staying too long in power. Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has been in power since 1986.

Most speakers also talked about the Queen’s role in fostering international cooperation and good governance.

However, many young people in the country have not joined in with the tributes, as some feel that the British monarchy has not taken full accountability for the legacy of colonialism.

Source – BBC