Rapper Cardi B was called out by UK rapper Lady Leshurr who claimed that the Grammy-winner never paid her for a freestyle that was a spin on her hit single, “Queen’s Speech 4.”

Leshurr made the comments on social media on Tuesday (August 2) which was the seventh anniversary of the popular freestyle.

“You mind asking Cardi if she can break me off a little change she used my beat/idea before her big break and is now a millionaire and I got paid 0,” she wrote in response to a fan mentioning Cardi’s version, according to HipHopDX.

Cardi responded to the tweet, “I made like 2 dollars of that song… you want the other dollar?”

Lady Leshurr responded, with laugh emojis and wrote, “would b nice but tbh I just wanted my credit & it’s mad I had to tweet banter 4 a response when I dm u years ago about it. I was cool when I thought it was just YT cover but it’s on streaming sites as “cheap azz weave” nw & yours comes up b4 mine so yes dollar & credit pls”

Cardi promised to remove the song from streaming services and joked that she will “make sure I send you your dollar.”

Queen’s Speech Ep. 4 is one of Leshurr’s most popular songs with more than 64 million views on YouTube.