With counting concluded in 42 states and deciding results now hanging between 8 critical states, there’s no clear leader yet in the presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden as election results continue to pour in. 

  • Both Trump and Biden still have high chances of earning the electoral college votes required to win the presidency. 
  • Today, the battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin are expected to report substantially more mail votes — giving Biden plenty of room to grow and gain on Trump in those states. 
  • As at Wednesday afternoon, there is not yet a clear winner of the US presidential election between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden — but both candidates still have very good chances to earn electoral college votes. 

On Tuesday night, Decision Desk HQ projected that Trump would win the battleground states of Florida, Iowa, Ohio, and Texas, while Biden was projected to win Minnesota and Nebraska s nd Congressional District.

Because Biden supporters were far more likely than Trump supporters to vote by mail, the outstanding mail ballots in places like Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are likely to favor Biden and could help him take the lead in those states as more votes are counted. 

Arizona, electoral college votes: While Biden leads the current vote count in Arizona.

  • Georgia, electoral college votes: Although Georgia allowed officials to pre-process ballots before Election Day, roadblocks including a water pipe bursting in one ballot processing facility in Fulton County and scanning issues in others delayed vote counting. Still, Biden has lots of room to gain votes in counties. 
  • Michigan, electoral college votes: Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson told CNN on Wednesday that she expects most of Michigan s votes to be reported today.  
  • Nevada, six electoral college votes: Nevada, where Biden and Trump are currently neck-and-neck, have only reported their vote totals for mail ballots received by November and votes cast in-person by November . They won t report the next batch of results from mail ballots that arrived on Election Day or after until Thursday, November . 
  • Pennsylvania, electoral college votes: Pennsylvania s counties are also processing mail ballots at different speeds, meaning we don t have a definitive timeline for when most of the vote will be reported. Still, the outstanding mail ballots are likely to significantly favor Biden. 
  • Wisconsin, electoral college votes: Wisconsin, another state that does not allow, pre-processing of ballots before Election Day, is still expected to report the bulk of its results by Wednesday. Trump and Biden are currently neck-and-neck in Wisconsin.