President Donald Trump has filed another lawsuit seeking to invalidate President-elect Joe Biden’s win in Wisconsin.

The suit filed by his campaign in Milwaukee County on Monday December 7, is titled ‘Donald J. Trump, Michael R. Pence, et al vs. Joseph R. Biden, Kamala D. Harris et al.’

The suit asks the Wisconsin Supreme Court to disqualify more than 221,000 ballots in the state’s two most Democratic counties. Biden won the state by nearly 20,700 votes. It asks the court to order Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and the state’s elections commission to exclude swaths of absentee ballots, which the campaign asserts are “illegal.”

The plaintiffs, who include the campaign, the president himself, and Vice President Mike Pence, asked the court to block the certification of the presidential election until those ballots are cut from the final vote tally.

The Trump campaign has lost or withdrawn lawsuits in other states that sought to invalidate thousands of votes for Biden.

The new suit comes a day after state elections commission chair Ann Jacobs signed a so-called determination of the win for Biden, giving him Wisconsin’s 10 Electoral College votes. Trump had won the state in 2016.

The Trump campaign claims that “a pattern of activities improperly undertaken … affected the Election.” Without explicitly alleging fraud, for example, it says more than 170,000 absentee ballots were “improperly counted” because they were issued to voters who did not first submit a written application.

However, in a press release announcing the suit, the campaign claimed that “unlawful actions” affected the approximately 221,000 ballots and asserted, without evidence, that “fraud and abuse” had “irrefutably altered the outcome of this election.”