Basketball Legend Michael Jordan’s Used Underwear Auctioned for N1.15m

A die-hard fan of American basketball legend, Michael Jordan, has taken his fan love to a new height as the fan bought Jordan’s used underwear for about $2,784, which is approximately N1.15m.

The lucky Jordan fan bought a one-of-a-kind pair of the basketball star’s boxers at the Lelands Auction on Saturday night — with the final bid coming in at $2,784, TMZ reports.

The grey and black boxer short was a part of the auction in August and the company stated that the underwear has evidence of ‘definite use’ by Michael Jordan.

Moreso, there are some loose threads and a dry cleaning tag attached to the boxer shorts. It was gathered that there were 19 bids for the piece of underwear.

It was learnt that Lelands secured the garment from Jordan’s friend and bodyguard, John Michael Wozniak, who recently featured in the sport’s man biopic, The Last Dance.

Wozniak also gave the company other items worn by MJ like suits, coats, dress shirts, and ties that were included in the auction.

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